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As financial intermediaries,

As financial intermediaries, they act as intermediaries between surplus and deficit units in the economy, thus maintaining the overall growth of the economy. Because of its core function, the insurer deposits large funds that they hold as a portfolio of securities through which claims and losses are realized.

Like some countries, their insurance companies operate in many parts of the world and earn large sums in foreign markets in terms of profits and investment income. This tells us that insurance is a major part of the country’s invisible exports. A number of questions have arisen for the audience, such as how the policyholder will be accommodated, should there be any policy change. It is better to note that the insurance company, when a policyholder suffers a loss, may incur a loss,

but it can only recover it and return it to its normal financial condition before the injury, not the fire. Benefit from the examination. This is generally because no amount of financial compensation can be paid adequately for the life and health of people, so personal lives and accidents are considered as beneficial policies. Therefore, there will be no misunderstanding of the fact when an accident occurs, where the public searches for the victim to lose everything, and for him or her to receive meager compensation. So let’s not trust the insurance companies in this area, knowing that they are restoring the exact situation before the damage provided.

Based on the outcome of the 1994 US – Japan insurance negotiations, a series of liberalization and deregulation measures have been implemented. But the deregulation process has been very slow, often very selective to protect the interests of local companies and their market share. Although the Japanese economy was similar in size to the US, the basis of effective financial markets – sound rules and regulations – was clearly important for an effective economic environment. Its institutional structure also differed from other developed countries.

A global leader in the brick and mortar industries, Japan suffered a sudden delay in the new world economy after the Internet revolution. Now Japan calls the 1990s as a “lost decade” for its economy, which has lost its luster after three recessions in the past decade. The fall in interest rates, down to the historical economy – to no avail. For insurance companies, whose flood of life is prevalent in their investments, it is rotten ruins.

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